The Journey Begins

Welcome to my new VR/AR blog, dzcovr! Follow me as I venture through the VR/AR world. This is as much of an experiment in exploration, as it is an (eventual) intended resource for newbies. Some goals for this passion project: 1) Learn about Immersive Experience Design 2) Promote and relay local NYC VR/AR event news... Continue Reading →

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Is there a reason this is in VR/AR?

This is a question I ask myself when evaluating any VR/AR opportunity / idea. Watching a 2D video in a 3D-capable headset is a waste of time.  To be a compelling experience that people actively seek out, there must be value gained by telling the story in this particular medium, that no other medium will... Continue Reading →

vIdeas – Virtual Wedding Planner

So many ideas, nowhere for them to go! My best one so far is the Virtual Wedding Planner.  A VR all-inclusive experience that would solve many pain points both from the bride/groom and vendor side. Venue - allow brides/grooms-to-be to visualize your space remotely. Wedding colors - do you want Tiffany Blue and Coral? or... Continue Reading →

VR Hardware 101

Bottom line: devices aren't yet at an affordable price point for mass adoption (key word: yet...keep your fingers crossed).  In order to experience higher end room-scale experiences, a consumer would also need to buy a pricey graphics card and computer capable of handling it. What are the different hardware options and pros/cons of each? First,... Continue Reading →

VR/AR news news news

These days there are so many newsletters, so many feeds, that it's easy to get your inbox filled with publications with the same (google alert) links.  It's hard to weed out the good ones. That's what I'm here for! I could list 20+ and maybe you won't agree with my list, but these are the... Continue Reading →

Interesting Design Guides

This is not an exhaustive list. I hope I'll come across more resources and share them at some point too.  Here's a good start for experiential design in VR/AR: 1) VR UI/UX Interaction Design and Pre-Visualization Methods by Mike Alger @Google Mike speaks about visual/audio cues to direct user attention, factors we need to think about when creating the... Continue Reading →

3D Design – where to start?

I am by no means an expert in design.  However, that doesn't stop me from being curious about how the immersive world will be designed in ways that are both a) similar to known principals and b) entirely different from the way things were done before. An example of a) is buttons and levers.  People... Continue Reading →

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