Is there a reason this is in VR/AR?

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 11.18.14 AM

This is a question I ask myself when evaluating any VR/AR opportunity / idea. Watching a 2D video in a 3D-capable headset is a waste of time.  To be a compelling experience that people actively seek out, there must be value gained by telling the story in this particular medium, that no other medium will suffice.

In education, learn calculus in a 3D environment and not have to visualize complex integrals and derivatives in your head.  Learn history from walking around a recreation of Ancient Rome or amongst the dinosaurs.  Explore outer space by having a lesson on Jupiter.

In healthcare, Big Pharma may demonstrate how a treatment / medication works in your body down to the cellular level.  Doctors can practice approaches to surgeries virtually.  The technology is already being used with Vets for PTSD exposure treatment and even correcting lazy eye.

In business, training (situational or complex equipment fixes) have emerged as a big use case. The pitch for spending $$ is much stronger when you can demonstrate savings (time, money).

In Real Estate, billions can be saved in reducing construction errors, since an architect’s 3D rendering no longer has to be flatted into a 2D blue print and reinterpreted (and often misinterpreted) in 3D space by the construction workers.  You can also see how showcasing what a fully staged property will look like before starting work would be beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

In Art, lesser known artists with fewer works can exhibit their work in a collective virtual art gallery, making their pieces more accessible (and hopefully sell more).  Learn more about artists’ inspiration, walk into a painting, or see them sculpt live.

Some of these actually already exist; while the experience/functionality may be currently lacking, they will certainly be improved in due time.



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