The Journey Begins

Welcome to my new VR/AR blog, dzcovr!

Follow me as I venture through the VR/AR world. This is as much of an experiment in exploration, as it is an (eventual) intended resource for newbies.

Some goals for this passion project:

1) Learn about Immersive Experience Design
2) Promote and relay local NYC VR/AR event news
3) Help others find “how to” resources
4) Ultimately work in strategy consulting to help build the VR/AR ecosystem

While I really jumped into the VR/AR world head first last year, I remember writing my high school math term paper (nerd and proud!) on Augmented Reality. I was initially inspired by an AP Physics trip to Disney, dissecting how polarized lenses worked in the How I Shrink Your Kids 3D theater experience. It also felt like you got sneezed on, mice were running around your feet and could even smell pie. #tbt. That summer, I also attended engineering camp (yes, I admit it!). Held at UIUC (where the internet was invented), they forecasted life-changing advances in VR/AR technologies that were only figments of the imagination then.

Fast forward to today, I discovered some of what was only theoretically then, exists now. However, there is still a long ways to go and I, for one, am determined to be a part of the next evolution of the industry.


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