Interesting Design Guides

This is not an exhaustive list. I hope I’ll come across more resources and share them at some point too.  Here’s a good start for experiential design in VR/AR:

1) VR UI/UX Interaction Design and Pre-Visualization Methods by Mike Alger @Google
Mike speaks about visual/audio cues to direct user attention, factors we need to think about when creating the operating system of VR and different ways we can think about the various input mechanisms.  I’m personally still wondering why typing via palm pilot shorthand, swipe technology or voice input is still absent.  I’m sure it’s on a product roadmap somewhere, just as one can hope Instagram supports 360 video in the near future.

P.S. this find was an early inspiration for me to get so gung-ho in getting involved in helping design the VR/AR ecosystem…so thanks, Mike!

2) Designing Screen Interfaces by Google I/O ’17
More technical guidelines: consistent angular text size, the invention of dmm (the distance-independent millimeter) and UI screen contour. They also discuss the tools they are developing to help implement these standards.  The creation of tools will be significant to moving user adoption along (creating content and distribution are other factors).

3) VR/AR Fundamentals – a 6-part series by Michael Naimark on Medium

4) Scaffolding in VR by Barrett Fox and Martin Schubert from Leap Motion
I like this article because it’s interesting to get insight into how people are building upon existing knowledge of how we create things (i.e. construction scaffolding) and how they are experimenting to translate that into a more intuitive interface within immersive media.  The concept of the suspension of disbelief has to do with how users will expect objects to behave in VR the way they do in real life (pick up objects you normally would be able to, inability to walk through walls, etc.). Going against those norms will pull you out of the immersion.  Sort of like when you are distracted while watching a movie and realize you’re in the theater.


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