vIdeas – Virtual Wedding Planner

So many ideas, nowhere for them to go!

My best one so far is the Virtual Wedding Planner.  A VR all-inclusive experience that would solve many pain points both from the bride/groom and vendor side.


  • Venue – allow brides/grooms-to-be to visualize your space remotely.
    • Wedding colors – do you want Tiffany Blue and Coral? or Royal Blue and Dusty Rose?
    • # of Guests – how well does the space fit 150 people vs. 200 people?
    • Table arrangement – round tables, long rectangular, mixed configurations
    • DJ/dance floor placement – more important that you would think!
  • Vendors – seamlessly integrate the retailers you already partner with. A vCommerce ecosystem in disguise
    • Flowers – What would $xx worth of flowers look like? $yy? Don’t forget about the centerpieces
    • Cake – Design your cake in-app. View a 360 degree version of others for inspiration
    • Music – how does a DJ look vs. a IRL band?
  • Attire
    • Wedding dress – nothing beats trying on in store, but you have to narrow down the choices somehow
    • Bridesmaids dresses – the illusive how-to-pick-a-color/style that will look good on all friends
    • Grooms – how matchy matchy do you want to get?
    • Dress code – summer festive? black tie?
  • Budget
    • A running total of how much you’re spending vs. what you want at your wedding – good for the bride/groom (or parents thereof), bad for the people who profit off of the wedding tax
    • Honeymoon – are people more likely to give $$ towards experiences they can preview? You tell me. Which sounds better – $150 towards hand gliding over Rio or $100 towards cotton sheets?

The wedding industry is a gazillion dollar business, as we all know.  How long will it be before someone monetizes this in VR? My guess is, longer than expected, due to the lack of gender diversity in the space. Highlighting why diversity of thought it so important!


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