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These days there are so many newsletters, so many feeds, that it’s easy to get your inbox filled with publications with the same (google alert) links.  It’s hard to weed out the good ones.

That’s what I’m here for! I could list 20+ and maybe you won’t agree with my list, but these are the “go to” ones I always read and never the ones I “auto delete.”

#1) NYC Media Lab (sign up here)
The BEST NYC-focused Future Reality newsletter. It is put out by folks at the Tandon School of Engineering, the same ones who won the NYC EDC’s bid on the build-out of the VR/AR Lab. The lab is expected to generate over 500 jobs in the sector in the next ten years– so they are and will continue to be right in the middle of activity.  They provide opinions and summaries, not just a list of links.  In addition, it’s a great way to keep up with panels, hackathons and conferences they’re involved with.  Both at the Media Lab level and all the other various programs they’ve got going on, like the Combine accelerator.

#2) Facebook Groups
Surprise! When you start joining lots of VR/AR-related groups and like related news that pops up, Facebook learns this quickly and will deliver relevant content.  Groups I like:
– Women in VR/AR: the most accessible and supportive group. Active on promoting women in tech, showcasing work and networking
– AR VR Women and Allies: see above. We realize men need to be a part of the conversation for anything to change
– VR/AR Marketing and Branding: Ok, admittedly I’m a little biased on this one.  I was member #2 and now the group has over 1k people at the time of this post.  If you want to keep up on the various campaigns that are out there, join us. There’s no central place to find them…yet
– VR/AR Jobs: a place to find word-of-mouth and official opportunities

#3) Twitter – Follow me @dzcovr!
Another surprise! I created an account solely to post about VR/AR and follow influencers. Ways to quickly get your account up and running include: a) follow who I follow; b) look at VR/AR lists and with one click add everyone on there; c) there are many posts on top influencers in the space (see here and here), so you can both follow them and also add who they follow.  Capiche?

Here’s a list to get you started.  (edit: now that I’ve created this amazing list, I’m thinking each group deserves a spotlight)
– Futurists: Charlie Fink at Forbes, Cathy Hackl at HTC, Rick KingEva Hoerth
– Finance: tipatat at The VR Fund, The WXR Venture FundBoostVCSuper Ventures
– Artists: Danny BittmanLiz Edwards, Stuart Campbell aka SutuErin Ko
– Developers: Google VRUnity3dUnreal EngineVIVEOculus
– Studios: Chris Milk from Here Be Dragons, Maureen Fan from BaobabFramestoreThe MillMoth & Flame
– Podcasts: Kent Bye from Voices of VR, Digital Jam

#4) Others (in no particular order)
– Blogs: Virtual Reality Pop (shoutout @HelenSitu), The Ghost Howls Newsletter (shoutout to Tony @SkarredGhost)
– Orgs: VirtualityVRScoutUploadVRRoad To VRInside VR & AR
– Groups: The VR/AR Association, NYC Meetups (NYVRARNYARKitUnity Education NYC)
– Conferences: VRLANYVR ExpoGDCSXSWAWECreative Tech WeekTribeca Film Festival Immersive)


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